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October 2, 2008

RIVERSIDE --  A man has been convicted of 38 sexual assault-related charges for raping  mentally impaired women and holding them as sex slaves.

Peter Frances Milosavjevic was charged with sexually brutalized as many as 11 mentally-impaired homeless women over a four-year span.

Prosecutors said the 57-year old invited the women into his home on the pretext of giving them shelter and then attacked them.

But Milosavjevic claimed that all of the women he brought into his Rios Road duplex came by choice and engaged in sex with him consensually.

According to prosecutors, the defendant cruised streets, bus stations and anywhere else he might find dispossessed, drug-addicted and developmentally disabled women to exploit.

Milosavjevic's prior convictions include the sexual assault and beating of a woman in 1983, and the brutalizing of another woman 10 years later -- an assault that put the mentally impaired victim in a coma for days.

Milosavjevic served five years of a 13-year sentence for the latter crime and was paroled in 2000.

The victims range in age from 30 to 59, she said.

Milosavjevic faces life in prison when he is sentenced on Nov. 21.