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All investigators had was a homemade child pornography video of an unknown assailant brutalizing an unknown 2 year old child. The little girl could not be identified as one of the thousands of missing kids officially listed at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. In the first few days of the investigation by Nevada authorities, officials were tasked with the unprecedented decision to release the child's photograph from the video to the public in hopes that someone somewhere knew her identity. Victims of sexual abuse are not normally released to the public but the child’s unknown identity, her whereabouts, and her safety were of the utmost importance to investigators.

It turns out that the investigators decision to appeal to the public for help paid off. The girl has now been found and is said to be safe and living with her mother who told police she knew nothing of the abuse and is cooperating with the investigation.

The rape took place several years ago; the girl was only two years old. The rapist is suspected to be a 37-year old man called Chester Stiles. Stiles' former girlfriend, Tina Allen, told CNN reporters that she believes she put him in contact with the girl. She took Stiles to a crowded apartment where her son and daughter lived. Also living in the apartment were a family friend and her 2-year-old daughter, who allegedly was victimized by Stiles.

If this little girl had been a Kid Off the Grid, the outcome might be very different today. She could have been in the hands of human traffickers and/or she could have been killed and no one would have known about it. Kids who are unaccounted for are in a particularly vulnerable position. The most vulnerable and most hidden population of Kids Off the Grid are unaccounted for infants and children of unreported missing or lost persons.

According to the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute, the majority of sexual abuse to minors is carried out by a family member or a family friend, they also state that 20% of girls an 10% of boys are sexually abused by the end of their 13th year. However, the percentage of children who suffer from sexual abuse in shelters or who live in the street is much higher than those who live in a family setting.

30% of shelter youth and 70% of street youth are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Estes & Weiner

Child pornography is a major player in the exploitation of children. Child predators will often film their abuse in order to make money by selling the footage to other child abusers through Internet networks and other means.
Child pornography is a multi billion dollar a year business.

As a society we are doing a lot to stop child predators from abusing children. We educate our kids, and we educate ourselves. And we can do more. By providing an information, education and support system at Outpost For Hope we are working toward a world where there will be no need for charities such as ours. One way we are working towards this end is to empower you in making a difference by taking part in stopping child predators ever getting their hands on our most vulnerable kids; the Kids Off the Grid.


Thanks to the public's help - the toddler who was abused in the sex tape has been located.

LAS VEGAS - A fugitive accused in the videotaped molestation of a 2-year-old girl was arrested quietly during a traffic stop, telling the officer, "I'm tired of running," police said.

Chester "Chet" Arthur Stiles, 37, was scheduled for a hearing Wednesday. He was pulled over late Monday in Henderson for not having a license plate and admitted his identity after police said his license looked suspicious, authorities said.

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