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Mentally Disabled Man Dumped on Skid Row: Do You Know His ID?Share
April 2 at 1:28pm

"Jason" is mentally disabled and does not know his full name. (KTLA-TV)

LOS ANGELES -- Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying a mentally disabled man who was dumped on downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row months ago and doesn't even know his full name. A woman who allegedly abandoned him is accused of cashing in his monthly Social Security checks.

"Jason" was left in front of the Urban Connection group home for the homeless about eight months ago by a woman he calls "Mary." He had no identification and no social security number.

The shelter has been trying to determine his identity ever since, but they've been having trouble because he has no identification card.

The man, who is mentally handicapped, has "Jason" tattooed on his arm. He does not remember his birthday and has no idea where his family might be.When police ran his fingerprints, the name Jason Missel popped up. But, that name doesn't exist under Social Security computer systems.

He says he received Social Security benefits but only recalls that "Mary" handled his checks. It's believed she has been cashing the checks, which could amount to as much as $1,000 a month.

"It's people taking advantage of the mentally ill," Antonio Vera of Urban Connection told KTLA. Jason says he lived in Las Vegas before he was dropped off in Los Angeles. He's pleading for his family to claim him.

"Hi family, I miss you guys," Jason said when asked what he would tell his relatives. "Come back. Come see me."

No one in Nevada or California has filed a missing persons report for him. Anyone who recognizes Jason is urged to call Los Angeles Police Department detectives at 213-996-1800