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Dear Libba

I trust in hope you are well.  And Outpost for Hope continues inspired in its good work.  I think Libba perhaps unconsciously the randomness of being homeless might explain that lack of support for work like yours.  And abiding concern for folks like your sister and my brother Chris.  The ambiguity of logic suggests...can there be a problem without a location...? When that indeed is the problem. 

A paraphrase of a writer's recent remarks on television also gives clearer perspective to the burden of being homeless.  "There are no inadequate people.  Only inadequate perceptions of them." This also speaks to ones own introspection.  Many of us lose the home of self, before this irony becomes a lifestyle.  

I will try again with the Sheriff's office to file a missing persons report.  No success with the photographs. 

And again, the kindness of a thank you for your efforts.   

 Sincerely, Charlie Woram