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Dear Outpost for Hope:

Thank you for your support. This is a very trying time for Tommie's family. For his mom, Mildred, because she lost her baby boy. For his sister and brother, who had so hoped to find him alive. And for myself, as I am the one who searched for him and had to deliver the sad news.

I already had to do this Dec. 2002, when I had to tell my mom that I found her father who had been missing 40 years. He had died Jan. 2, 1968 in Tulare, California. He was found lying in the street, a transient. And as in Tommie's case, they we're unable to locate any relatives. He was buried alone, as was Tommie. I wonder now how often this happens? How many of our missing loved ones have been found, identified, and buried alone, because they could find no relatives? And thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

Love from Texas,

   Jo Layne