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My "Jane Doe" case is a good example of what this organization is all about. She was a young woman in her late teens, early twenties when she was deliberately set on fire and murdered. All investigative leads have been exhausted and there are reasons to believe she may have traveled from another state as a runaway or is simply a "kid off the grid". If we do not keep cases such as this alive then families will never know what happened to their loved ones and murderers will continue to roam free looking for their next young prey.

The internet is a great way to move information around and "Outpost for Hope" supports this movement with its website full of different options, suggestions and ideas.  With all the forensic files and crime scene investigation shows on television people want to be proactive in finding their loved ones or solving crimes.  Since 2001 I have watched their website grow with the needs of the people they are serving, defining an area that no one has taken the time to define - "kids off the grid". They are continually moving forward with solutions that make a real difference.... In all my years in law enforcement (over 17 years) I have never seen anyone take on such a challenging humanitarian cause as "Outpost for Hope."  

 Barbara A. Anderson

 Forensic Investigator / Artist

 Sacramento Police Department - Forensic Investigations

    Sacramento, CA