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I have been involved with online media since I worked as a newswriter for a market test that became Prodigy Interactive Services 25 years ago. I am also an advocate for people who are suffering from addiction or mental illness. In my opinion, Libba Phillips' Outpost for Hope is doing groundbreaking work in using the Internet to bring together law enforcement, social services and families to help people who are perhaps the most vulnerable in our society: missing persons, including children, who are "off the grid" and often impaired by substance abuse or mental illness.  

Many families have no idea of where or how to get help when a loved one disappears.  They are often frustrated by a lack of information and coordination between governmental agencies.  Ms. Phillips has provided a lifeline to these families by creatively adapting software packages in the Outpost for Hope website that can serve as a model for other nonprofits.   The site is also a catalyst for bringing the issue of the rights of John and Jane Does into the public eye. 

Thom Forbes

   Writer, Advocate ?Hastings-on-Hudson, NY