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My son was missing for 11 days, and thanks to your website, Outpost for Hope helped me find my son.  My son is a heroin addict and two attempts were made in my family to file a missing report on my son. He had taken a truck from his friend and never returned it and kept going with it. My mother and father went to the commissioner's office and tried there to file a missing report and they told them that it wouldn't do any good, because there was already an APB put out on the truck. Then my brother went to police barracks to file a report and they basically told him the same thing.

Well I didn't know what to do next. I was going crazy, because I wanted so desperately to find my son, so that's when I started researching on the web and found your site.I read the story about Ashley and how the law enforcement doesn't always follow through with their reports by putting them into the NCIC database and how a lot of John and Jane Does are never identified.

Thanks to Outpost for Hope and the information on your web site, I made copies and took them with me to the police barracks and filed a missing report on my son and made sure they would enter it into the NCIC database. They told me they would.Early the next morning, about 5 a.m., I received a call from the barracks: They had found my son and where to go get him. He was where I thought he would be, which I made several attempts myself to go to the city and look on street corners, down alley ways, but I knew it was useless in a big city to find someone on your own.  It was through the tips from your website, and the matter of making sure that my son was not one of the victims that fell through the cracks and never found.  If it wasn't for your tips and help, I think my son would still be missing today.  I want to give special thanks to you and all the information you put out to help people find their children.

Excellent information and web site. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, I give thanks and wish all the other families good luck in finding their missing loved ones.

My best to all of you, Nancy