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Dear Outpost for Hope:

Thank you for your support. This is a very trying time for Tommie's family. For his mom, Mildred, because she lost her baby boy. For his sister and brother, who had so hoped to find him alive. And for myself, as I am the one who searched for him and had to deliver the sad news.

I already had to do this Dec. 2002, when I had to tell my mom that I found her father who had been missing 40 years. He had died Jan. 2, 1968 in Tulare, California. He was found lying in the street, a transient. And as in Tommie's case, they we're unable to locate any relatives. He was buried alone, as was Tommie. I wonder now how often this happens? How many of our missing loved ones have been found, identified, and buried alone, because they could find no relatives? And thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

Love from Texas,

   Jo Layne  

I have been involved with online media since I worked as a newswriter for a market test that became Prodigy Interactive Services 25 years ago. I am also an advocate for people who are suffering from addiction or mental illness. In my opinion, Libba Phillips' Outpost for Hope is doing groundbreaking work in using the Internet to bring together law enforcement, social services and families to help people who are perhaps the most vulnerable in our society: missing persons, including children, who are "off the grid" and often impaired by substance abuse or mental illness.  

Many families have no idea of where or how to get help when a loved one disappears.  They are often frustrated by a lack of information and coordination between governmental agencies.  Ms. Phillips has provided a lifeline to these families by creatively adapting software packages in the Outpost for Hope website that can serve as a model for other nonprofits.   The site is also a catalyst for bringing the issue of the rights of John and Jane Does into the public eye. 

Thom Forbes

   Writer, Advocate ?Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

A miracle has happened. My daughter Marie has been missing since February 3, 2003. She returned home safely after six months on Thursday, June 26, 2003. The reason she returned home is the result of help provided by Outpost for Hope and Maryland Missing. 

Outpost for Hope and Maryland Missing made flyers of her, provided volunteers to help post the flyers, helped get me organized, wrote press releases, contacted the media, and even sent a registered letter to the Chief of Police about the negligence to act in a critical missing persons case. They also provided other resources and sites who could help me. Most important, they provided emotional support that I desperately needed. I was taking anti-depressants and seeing two psychologists, but I felt worse every time that I went because, the psychologists encouraged me to forget my daughter and move on. I did not want to forget my daughter and move on.

As a result of all the actions taken by Outpost for Help and Maryland Missing, a person saw Marie's flyer and Marie returned home safely. The Police Department did nothing to support the search for my daughter. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Outpost for Hope and Maryland Missing!

Unfortunately, the business I'm in tends to put me in the front lines for attempting to find John and Jane Doe's next of kin. Through a forwarded email, I was able to look through this site. I must admit I was very impressed and surprised I had not come across it before. I will always be vigilant and use this page as a reference in my work in attempting to find next of kin for those lost souls. Thank You for another tool in looking for the lost. My thoughts and prayers go to ALL who have suffered such a loss.

Michael Bates D-ABMDI 

Chief Forensic Investigator 

    District 16/Monroe County, FL

Dear Libba

I trust in hope you are well.  And Outpost for Hope continues inspired in its good work.  I think Libba perhaps unconsciously the randomness of being homeless might explain that lack of support for work like yours.  And abiding concern for folks like your sister and my brother Chris.  The ambiguity of logic suggests...can there be a problem without a location...? When that indeed is the problem. 

A paraphrase of a writer's recent remarks on television also gives clearer perspective to the burden of being homeless.  "There are no inadequate people.  Only inadequate perceptions of them." This also speaks to ones own introspection.  Many of us lose the home of self, before this irony becomes a lifestyle.  

I will try again with the Sheriff's office to file a missing persons report.  No success with the photographs. 

And again, the kindness of a thank you for your efforts.   

 Sincerely, Charlie Woram  

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