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Article by Bob Walter of The Sacramento Bee September 12, 2004

A low-key nonprofit agency - Outpost for Hope - will get a big shot in the arm from Barcellona Inc., a Folsom marketing and public relations firm. It's all part of CreatAThon 2004, a national program in which marketing and PR firms dedicate a 24-hour blitz of creativity to nonprofit projects. Rochelle Barcellona, president and creative director, said her agency received more than 80 applications for the pro bono projects this year. Outpost for Hope was one of the 11 nonprofits selected. Founder Libba Phillips said her agency is dedicated to missing persons - but not the high-profile cases that you see on television and milk cartons. "I call them the missing missing," Libba said. "These are the people who fall through the cracks in society...runaways, kids missing from foster care, the homeless or mentally ill. "There's not a lot of hope for them to get into the public eye, which is how most missing-person cases are solved" Libba said her nonprofit tries to bridge the gap between the missing and families or agencies-including coroners and forensic investigators-that are looking for them. And she's understandably thrilled about getting Barcellona's help. Libba hopes they can create a logo for the agency that will boost public awareness and hopefully attract funding. For more about Libba's agency, go to